Where Does Inspiration Come From?

Modern thinking regarding the creative process and creative people, regardless of their chosen craft, has been for the last couple of hundred years, that they are tortured souls, the product of some life experience that is founded in despair which feeds the creative process. The starving artist so to speak.  It hasn’t always been like this. The word Inspire literally means “breathed into” or “to breathe or blow into or upon”. The word doesn’t really lend itself to the tortured artist concept as that requires the inspiration to come from within yourself and how do you breathe something into yourself?  I have found a way of thinking about the creative process which has helped me.  Having an outside source as the origin of creativity and the artist only being responsible for doing the work of being present or putting pen to paper or hands to instruments. Prevailing on an outside or spiritual benefactor to supply the breath or inspiration. How many times have you been frustrated with yourself when unsuccessful while attempting to write? Well it’s not your fault! Sometimes when inspiration hits it comes all at once and falls in your lap like a gift. So where did that poem or song come from? Well it came from outside somewhere.  However you want to visualize it doesn’t really matter. When it’s not happening just say, “Hey, I’m here, where the heck are you? Bring it on!” So get in touch with your creative muse and enjoy your writing time without pressure. It’s not really up to you. Try this and I think you will find a new freedom in your creative endeavors.