Backward Faces

Backward faces in the glass
Shifting lights, cars driving past
Smell the damp and musty earth
Mixed with sounds of giving birth

Outside the window, wind and rain
Dance the demons you have slain
They stop and stare with knowing looks
As they wave their bloody hooks

Smell the smoke from cigarettes
Musty rags soaked in their sweat
Like a dream they move real slow
Holding weapons that you know



Every cut and drop of blood
Comes back to you a rolling flood
To shine a light on wasted chance
A kiss of life, a longing glance

Run the day to make it right
Wrap your wounds up good and tight
Held in flaws completely bare
Lost in dark you seek repair

You want to run but you might slip
If you stay, might lose your grip
The image melts in summer heat
Spreading colors cross your feet

You wake to find another day
A weary soul, you’re on your way
Shake your body, lose the fog
The nightmares of a sleeping dog